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Massage Ninja offers massage therapy delivered right to your door! We come to you whether you are at home, the office or wherever you choose.

We offer personalized treatments to elevate the way you live.

At Massage Ninja we strive to help people make self-care a priority through affordable, convenient massage therapy.

With our expertise and know-how, we'll help you reduce stress, alleviate pain and help you focus on what matter most to you in life.

Serving Hillsborough County, Florida.

"Helping people, changing lives, seeing people do things they never thought possible, these are the reasons that I do what I do. Massage is a deep passion for me. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning knowing that you will change a life through massage. Educating my clients is what I love most about being a therapist, watching them grow mentally and physically into their inner self."


- Thayne Shatah

Thayne Shatah_Massage Ninja_Kettlebells_

Meet the Massage Ninja

Thayne Shatah, LMT, CPT, SFG II

Thayne Shatah, a nationally certified neuromuscular therapist , veteran and strength coach uses his 15 years of experience and practical application to take your wellness to new heights. As a competitive athlete, he knows how to customize your massage to your body’s needs. Thayne has traveled the world learning advanced massage techniques from therapists all around the globe.



Trust is the foundation of great service


At Massage Ninja, we believe in a holistic approach to your health and wellness. We're aware of all the misleading information out there. We hope to become your trusted advisor for everything massage therapy related. Each service gets tailored to your unique needs. We work together as a team to get you moving again!

Deep Tissue Massage.jpg

Deep Tissue Massage

Addresses the deeper layers of muscle with slow, deliberate strokes that are beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.

Strained muscle.jpg

Strain -


An effective, but extremely gentle technique. This treatment moves the patient's body away from the painful, restricted and into the direction of motion.

Sports Therapy_Massage Ninja.jpg

Sports Massage

The Sports massage is a perfect choice for sore muscles that are in need of more work. This type of muscle treatment is used to increase greater amounts of circulation into the muscle and relax tight muscles.

Structural Integration Therapy.jpg

Trigger Point Therapy

Designed to ease the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.

Orthopedic Massage.jpg

Orthopedic Massage

Focused on soft-tissue injury rehabilitation, the goal is to decrease pain and increase range of motion.

Cupping_Massage Ninja.jpg


This technique uses suction and negative pressure to loosen muscles and fascia. This encourages blood flow and sedates the nervous system, which can relieve pain.

Myo_massage ninja.jpg

Myofascial Release (MFR)

A gentle, safe and highly effective hands-on technique. The goal is to treat connective tissue restrictions that can cause chronic pain.

Massage_man_Massage Ninja.jpg

Structural Integration

Works to lengthen, stretch and soften this tissue to restore postural balance. With an increased ease of movement, you'll feel more at home in your own body.


Scraping Therapy

Short or long strokes are used to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow. These strokes are made with a smooth-edged instrument known as a gua massage tool.



"WOW, by far the best massage I've gotten.
Thayne is so down to earth. Thanks a million!"


"I highly recommend Massage Ninja!

Thayne managed to get a lot of knots in my shoulders and back that I have dealt with for years, even after having surgery."


"I highly recommend Massage Ninja!!

I met Thayne through a friend. He's very professional and skilled in back and neck deep tissue massages. I get tons of knots and he is the best at fixing my back and making it feel better. I would not call or go any other place!"



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