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Hot Mess Meets Visionary

Andrea Brunswick, Epic Blindspot Slayer

Meet Coach Andrea

Andrea Brunswick, an entrepreneur mindset coach, works with women business owners to get the results they want for their lives.  

Before starting a coaching business more than 16 years ago, Andrea worked in sales and consulting. After losing her husband of 18 years unexpectedly, it led her on a mission to find the answers to grief and life management. This journey propelled her into becoming a grief coach that later transitioned into business and life coaching. 

Through Andrea’s own life experiences and working with clients one-on-one, she knows how to help women understand their power and thinking to understand what they want and how to get it. 


Andrea enjoys the beach, music, and all things social! 

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Current Shows

Catch Coach Andrea on the Clubhouse throughout the week.



10:30 am EST



11 am EST



11:30 am EST

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Here’s What’s In Store for You:

  • Greater Understanding of Why You Need to Put Yourself First

  • How to start on your journey.

  • The steps to tapping into your greatness

  • How to open yourself up to who you truly are

  • How to understand your thoughts to get different outcomes

  • A Downloadable (PDF) No BS Roadmap Workbook

  • 3 Hours of content and coaching

  • The Support of our MomsEmbracingTech Community of women like you revved up to complete this Masterclass

  • A recording will be provided for those who were unable to attend the live session

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Let's Unpack & Get Unstuck


Slay Your Blindspots

Before you can start creating something new, you have to get rid of what’s blocked you in the past. In other words, we need to slay your blindspots! It may not always be easy or comfortable, but it will be worth it.

Create the Life You Love

If you change nothing, nothing changes. You have to be willing to have some mindset shifts and do some work to create the life you want. Part of this includes developing a healthy, mindset, which you'll learn how to do.

Financial Freedom

Live the lifestyle you choose without having to worry day to day. Once your mind is clear of all the old blindspots that kept you from having an abundance of resources, you’ll be able to reach all your objectives without losing yourself in the process.   


What People Say About Coach Andrea

“Coach Andrea brings it! She’s someone who knows her stuff and generously shares your years of experience to save you the time in creating the life you want. She will challenge you, but in a way that empowers and motivates you to reach higher than you ever thought possible. Truly a powerhouse that makes a difference.”

- Wendy R.
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