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Updated: Jul 15, 2021


>>> What do you carry around with you every day? Shame? Guilt? Fear? Pain? Past

mistakes? Self-doubt? The truth is, besides lipstick, you pack your emotional baggage

every day, which keeps you blocked from the joy and fulfillment life offers.

>>> Most of the time we are clueless <<<

This is something we don’t believe we’re doing or something that we don’t want to pay attention to. It’s like you put all this stuff that you haven’t dealt with or don’t want to deal with in a little dark space

at the bottom of your purse, and close the zipper, and try to forget about it. There it is, in your purse, mixed in with your makeup, your wallet, and keys, weighing you down.

>>> We feel so unmotivated and unsure <<<

Sometimes it feels like you have the kitchen sink in there, you carry this with you every day everywhere you go, affecting everything you do and say. If you wonder why you are unsatisfied or unfulfilled or depressed, it is the contents of your purse that holds the answer.

>>> This is could be your pattern <<<

Changing your purse doesn’t change anything, you take the contents out and just transfer them to another purse, not shedding any of the weight. If you want different results, it is time to empty that pursue. Until you deal with those issues that are keeping you stuck, your results will never change. No amount of positive affirmations, letters to the universe, or vision boards will make an ounce of difference unless you clear out this garbage

>>> Oh, how we feed ourselves B.S. <<<

People resist their truths thinking that it’s easier to pretend things don’t exist, it’s easier to hide from all of those issues like self-doubt, self-loathing, our inadequacies, and loneliness.

>>> Famous last words <<<

Sometimes we feel like we can “fake it until we make it”. Have you made it or are you still faking it? Are you doing the same thing but expecting different results? The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again, but, expecting a different result. Get off the insanity train.

>>> So how does one get different results? <<<

The first step is to raise your hand, and say yes “I want different results” and to not let fear hold you back. You have to trust yourself and believe that change is possible and that it can happen. Much like when you plant a seed in the ground, when you look at it the next day, you won’t find a tree. You have to trust yourself and trust the process that this journey will bring you to a better place, it starts with you.

Becoming aware of your negative self-talk, healing from the pain, guilt, shame, self-doubt, and fear of repeating past mistakes will begin your journey to fulfillment. This is the starting point the place where we are allowing the change to happen.

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Perfectionism has never been a word that I would have said applies to me only until very recently threw some incredible people sharing their message and there genius was I able to have a serious break through. This breakthrough was only able to happen when I became aware that ___ is standing in my way I can call this a root or a block I can give it any groovy name but what I became aware of was that yes I am a perfectionist . Where was I a perfectionist in my business I was such a perfectionist with building this business this is where it was showing up in my life. Where is it coming from I needed to dig a little bit deeper, perfectionism now I understand FOUND IT My not feeling good enough I needed to feel it needed to be perfect I need it to be polished I needed my business to look polished because all of that was a reflection of what I was feeling inside, which was I Andrea Brunswick do you not feel capable, worthy, deserving. I love when I allow the staff to surface makes the removal so much easier creating that space trusting.

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